Where are we and where is Novigrad.


Where are we and where is Novigrad.

We can say that Emaus and Novigrad are located in the middle of the north-west of Istria. If you look at the map, you will notice that around us, around Novigrad, there are other famous tourist towns that you can visit and feel Istrian culture.

From the border we are only 20 minutes drive away, which means that you are in our immediate vicinity after entering Croatia. You can reach us very easily through your GPS devices, and even more comfortable with your mobile phone.

Using GPS on the phone, you can come to us in the following ways:

  • Click on the map below this text.
  • Enter the address “Street Vincent from Kastva 8” in your GPS application
  • Click the QR code below this text.

Map and Emaus position
It's easier to get us through QR code

If you have an QR code scan application, scan this code and we will automatically switch you to the “Map” app, where you can easily get through the app and GPS.

Za više informacija o dolasku ili ruti, uvijek nas možete kontaktirati ovdje, putem naše web stranice ili na Facebook-u.

Where are we?


Do you need extra help?

If you need help navigating or coming to us, you can always contact us through our website or visit us on Facebook: